Buzzer's Laptop

I like planes.....?

There was this one time, at boot camp, we saw some planes.

They went vroooooooom woooosh and zoooms.

Hey guys! It's Buzzer again, and I wanted to let the world know that I'm totally obsessed with airplanes, especially the cool ones like A-10s. They're so awesome. These big, tough, and cool-looking planes I can't get enough of. But there's a lot more to it then that! They're so much better than my brother's tiny as f- model planes he plays with in the backyard. One day I was hanging out with my brother in the backyard, and we were pretending to be pilots of our own planes. He picked some wussy glider plane, but I had the much better A-10 Warthog choice. Can you guess who won those backyard wars? ME! What a dumb question.

First of all, have you seen how big A-10s are? THEY'RE LIKE GIANT METAL BIRDS WITH WINGS THAT FLAP SUPER FAST!

They go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt.

They also got like, this HUGE ASS CANON on the front that shoots out bullets faster than you can say "pew pew". These bullets, like, put the cowboys to shame. It's like a giant massive machine gun that can blast through tanks and stuff. I bet it's really loud when they fire it, and it probably makes the bad guys run away in fear!

I also love how the A-10s look. They're not sleek and over fancy rich snob planes - they're kinda ugly, BUT IN A CUTE AND ADORABLE KIND OF WAY! I mean, just look at their snouts! Don't you want to boop them? They be up in the sky with their tongues sticking out at you like "nyah nyah, I'm an A-10 and youuuuu're noooooot!" And and and the way their engines stick out the back is like they're saying "YEAH! So what if I'm a big tough independant aeroplane? I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT! It's not 'just a phase'!"

Anyways, planes are cool. A-10s are bestest. They're these big, tough, super cool-looking planes that I wish I can fly someday. You're not a real airplane person if you don't like these things!